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Hello! My name is Kevin. On a scale of 1-10 I am hella gay, but I honestly could not give less of a shit about what rights you think I shouldn't have. Otherwise, I'm a cis white 19-year-old feminist man. I realize that I'm fitting in to more than one negative stereotype, but you should also realize that stereotyping is exactly what feminism is meant to fight against. I'm an ISFJ personality type(Introverted Sensing Feeler Judger), though beyond the meaning of the acronym's letters I have no clue what that means. One could also refer to me as a gaymer, because holy shit I love video games and dicks.


so in the flesh is over

and i have concluded that kieren and rick were definitely 100% in homo with each other

kieren:(to Rick’s dad) “[I’m not allowed here] Because I gave your son a mix CD,…”


(it says REN + RICK 4 EVER)

and then the fact that apparently that cave is where Kieren went to kill himself after Rick died

and a bunch of other evidence from the first 2 episodes that i dont care enough to look for


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